Get Ready to Dance with Tensteps’ Anthemic Trance Banger, ‘Out Of The Shadows’

Get Ready to Dance with Tensteps’ Anthemic Trance Banger, ‘Out Of The Shadows’

Tensteps is back with a new captivating Vocal Trance single titled ‘Out Of The Shadows’. This new production, as with the previous tracks from his upcoming album “Infinite”, is being released through Find Your Harmony. 

Coming off the well-received release of his previous tracks ‘Deja Vu’ and ‘End Of The Earth’, Tensteps gets ready to display his signature style and sound once more, with a powerful and captivating Trance anthem that ticks all the boxes to become his next hit. 

Talking about the production of the track, Tensteps notes: 

“When I heard the vocal for the first time, it had this ballad feeling to it and I wanted to play into that with the track I built around it.  Lyrically, it’s super empowering and all about moving forward and leaving all the darkness behind you, and in the end, I think I ended up successfully encapsulating those themes in the music, with a transition from this softer, more delicate kind of verse, to a really full-bodied anthemic hook, to a very uplifting, powerful drop. That was really important to me, to make sure the music was helping to tell the story that the vocal was trying to tell.”  

A warm piano melody and emotive vocals welcome the listener to the song. With an inspiring and uplifting vibe, we’re soon guided to an energetic buildup, where the song drops into an explosive and lively pool of sound, with staggering pads and colorful sonic elements. The track invites the listeners to join the euphoric and enveloping journey with its unforgettable synth melodies and driving basslines that amp up the party over and over again. Another unmissable track by Tensteps, who once more displays his skills and vision as a creative innovator to follow closely, especially as he draws nearer to the release of his debut full-length album this October. 

This track, as well as his other upcoming productions, promise to bring Tensteps’ name even higher on the list of producers to follow, as his passion and commitment to delivering powerful dancefloor anthems is surely evident across his release catalog. Be sure to follow Tensteps across his social media channels to remain updated on his latest releases and projects. 

‘Out Of The Shadows’ is out now and available in all major streaming platforms and leading online stores. 

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