Ghenwa Nemnom launches her new record label ‘Astarte’

Ghenwa Nemnom launches her new record label ‘Astarte’

Ghenwa Nemnom is a Lebanese musician who blends her classically trained musicianship with electronic sounds to create organic house tracks that have been released on labels such as YION, Melody of the Soul, Café De Anatolia and Alt Orient.

Her latest release is also the launch of her own record label Astarte and along with her cinematic original track, it also features a remix by Chris Zippel who is known for his uplifting style of melodic house.

Chris Zippel is a Berlin-born producer who also spends a lot of time in Ibiza. He is a respected studio producer who has worked with everyone from the Pet Shop Boys to Steve Lawler and featured on a diverse range of labels including Mango Alley, Embassy One and Tresor.

The original mix of “Story of a Battle” is a majestic electronica track that blends traditional oriental instruments with an electronic section, introducing a throbbing synth bass and sequenced percussion. The track tells a dramatic story of life battles, and precisely, the biggest one of them all, the battle with ourselves, the battle within.

Chris Zippel transforms Story of a Battle with a percussive remix that layers the original’s orchestral elements with electronic beats and captivating synths. Adding uplifting pads and his own spine-tingling melodies, he captures the emotion of the original. Lifting things up a gear after the main breakdown, his rework has a smouldering heat that’s perfect for the dance floor.

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