Shortly after closing the curtain on his sold out sold out European tour, Gramatik brings out yet more material for his cult following of worldwide fans. The Slovenian born producer extraordinaire today releases his brand new video for ‘Brave Men’ – the opening track to his seminal album, ‘The Age of Reason’, which premiered on MTV Clubland last week. Check it out here:

The stunning music video for Brave Men was directed by much celebrated Joe Zohar, who together with Anže Koron and Denis Jašarević represents a brand new creative hub called I Me Mine. The top role was entrusted to Nina Varano, up and coming actress/writer from Los Angeles who leads a tale inspired from human nature and set in an undefined place and time – illustrating how nothing is ever what it seems and that we all have our secrets. It is a story about strong women and the cowardly men who don’t deserve them.

The album has passed the 2 million download mark already since it’s release on January 25th and TAOR is exactly the right amount of Gramatik that fans have been yearning for. A combination of live instrumentals and samples, each track offers an individualized sound that is blended with elements of soul, blues, rock and hip-hop. As the man himself clearly states best during a recent interview with Relix Magazine, “There’s a lot of guitar, bass, piano, all types of organs, lots of original vocals – more than any other record I’ve ever produced. TAOR combines all genres I’ve been producing since the beginning in the most drastic, neurotic, cohesive and outrageous way imaginable.”

The Age Of Reason is also now available to fans as a BitTorrent Bundle, which includes fifteen new tracks, two music video exclusives, tour photos, his entire discography and album art. Being the “free the music” evangelist he is, obviously the pack is being given away for free. “We give out our music for free primarily, we invite people to support and donate, but its mostly free and we just want to make it as accessible as possible because we aren’t trying to make money with it.” Grab your copy of the LP here: