Gustavo Mota and Naizon Mark Their First Collaboration With Infectious House Anthem ‘What The Funk’

Gustavo Mota and Naizon Mark Their First Collaboration With Infectious House Anthem ‘What The Funk’

Gustavo Mota and Naizon have joined forces in a seamless collaboration with their brand-new House anthem ‘What The Funk’, a professionally wrapped effort chopped full of rugged groovy beats that do not disappoint. After starting his career 7 years ago, Brazilian DJ and Producer Gustavo Mota has seen bountiful success as a result of his hard work and determination to the art of production. His inimitable talent has reached all corners of the electronic dance industry, with varying hits from Progressive House to Tech House and Dubstep to Psytrance. Gustavo remains as one of the most consistent and talented producers in his vicinity, with releases dominating global audiences while being present in some of the hottest line-ups in exclusive venues and clubs including Sunset Red Carpet, Paradise Club, and Thales Beach to name a few. Joining him in this endeavour to conquer the charts and bud success with is Naizon, a DJ and Producer who has rapidly matured into one of the most prolific names in the Tech House domain with an ever-growing radio show ‘Naiz:On Air’ and previous powerhouse releases like ‘Stay Up’.  

Gustavo Mota and Naizon have really outdone themselves with ‘What The Funk’, listeners around the world are immediately submersed into the action as this production kicks off with a sultry fast-paced drum that gets your blood pumping and your body moving. This is backed by the hefty jacking bassline primed to ignite any dancefloor and would provide a great addition to any set or mix we are met with this year. Before we know it, vocals that prove to be catchy fill the speakers, giving it an extra kick that leaves you wanting to press replay as soon as it’s over. This House anthem proves itself as something to behold when we are met with a barrage of snares that build up with rising tension before the release of the gigantic drop that breaks earthquake-style cracks into the foundations with an outrageous bulldozer-like bassline that would send any dancefloor into a frenzying state. With an overall unmatched vibe, it’s clear to see that this collaboration between Gustavo and Naizon will see them on a heady incline to the top of the House music world, as they have grasped what it takes to succeed in this industry.   

Gustavo Mota and Naizon are releasing ‘What The Funk’ on the distinguished sub-label Suitor, deriving from the international critically acclaimed label Mix Feed which stands its ground as one of the most prolific labels in the scene. With a reputation for only curating top-quality produced music, Gustavo and Naizon fit right in with their remarkable release. 

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