Hà Nội Community Radio Launches In Vietnam

Hà Nội Community Radio Launches In Vietnam

Nestled in the hustle and bustle city of Hà Nội, Vietnam, Hà Nội Community Radio (HCR) is excited to launch (online stream) in Hà Nội, Vietnam on the 16th April 2021 in collaboration with Mixcloud.

HCR was built to connect the arts and music community together in Hà Nội, with a strong intention to unite and build a safe-space for creatives to express themselves freely.

Online streaming service Mixcloud will be supporting the station on the launch day, and local tastemakers Maggie Tra, Levi Oi, POLY, Tomes, Kelsea, Hilda, Sircula and more will be playing on the day showcasing what Hanoi has to offer.

Already garnering the support of the local community, the online radio station will air shows weekly. The station aims to grow a positive scene within the community, to uplift and inspire, with the desire to showcase the local talent abroad to a wider audience.

“There’s a big space between the arts and the music community here in Hà Nội, and HCR aims to bring the two communities together. We’ll have shows from talking about life in Vietnam to straight-up music shows,”

“We believe Vietnam is hungry for a space to have access to more engagement, connections and conversations in a safe space,”

HCR is the future, and will represent the new-age generation of Vietnam.

Starting at 4pm, stream via HCR’s Facebook, Website and Mixcloud account.

Links: Facebook | Mixcloud | Website



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