Hardbody Scottyy releases new track ‘Sky High’

Hardbody Scottyy releases new track ‘Sky High’

Washington DC’s very own Hardbody Scottyy narrates his own ‘Sky High’ moment; the lyrical rapper states the single is about the sensational feeling of levelling up. He also documents his transition Into a higher Level in his career – As CEO and recording artist”. Produced by Syncam x Mfoss, the space-ship production begins with a heavenly guitar beat followed by a thumping 808 pattern.

Hardbody Scotty’s recognition in the rap game does not go noticed. Scottyy is known for Underground Digital Audio & Video Sensations On Major Platforms such as Heart Busser, Trendsetters, Len Bias, Lingo, King Shit, Competition, Bothered, & Etc. 

Be sure to check out Sky High.



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