Hector launches new event concept ‘Vatos Locos’ @ BPM 2015!


Hector launches new event concept ‘Vatos Locos’ @ BPM 2015!

Hector launches new events concept ‘Vatos Locos’, set to showcase for the first time at the BPM festival in Mexico, on January 17th.   

An event concept created by Hector that brings together the main driving forces behind his creativity, music, lifestyle, culture and tequila. The name has followed him around over the past few years and has developed into an organic translation of the energy that Hector personifies with the music he produces, his personal clothing style, and his DJ performances. It didn’t take long for others to jump on board as gig after gig, fans around the world would show up representing their own Vatos Locos custom printed t-shirts, signs and numerous other paraphernalia. Hector knew he was onto something here, but there also had to be a reason behind what all of this represented. A common thread connecting everything together….a sense of purpose. In the end, it was actually quite simple! With a name like Vatos Locos, you cannot hide from the cultural subtext that the name suggests. Tattoo script, low riders, loose-fit clothing, Latino vibe….it’s all there. Applied to the event concept, it’s simply about enjoying life which in essence what Vatos Locos is all about. Great sound, kick-ass DJs, music, friends, energy, letting loose, escape….and most importantly, having fun.

“This is a natural thing that just happened. It’s crazy how this became a part of me… The thing with this concept is it will be a lot of back-to-backs with my friends, with people I admire. I don’t want any egocentric people there. I want people whose music I love and respect.  I’m nervous, I’m excited. It’s my new baby.” – Hector on Vatos Locos for Vice Thump
The subsequent parties are going to take place in warehouses and other special venues in North America, including New York, Chicago and Miami.

Hector presents ‘Vatos Locos’ 
@ Canibal del Carmen Royal Beach Club, PDC, Mexico
Saturday January 17th
More info and tickets HERE