Hellove Releases Music Video For ‘I Got You’ Ft. Gloria Kim

Hellove Releases Music Video For ‘I Got You’ Ft. Gloria Kim


Rising Estonian talent Hellove makes his return to the release circuit with a new music video for his hit 2020 single ‘I Got You’. The nearly four-minute long visual accompaniment truly brings its source material to life and finally paints a lively, vivid picture of the tune for long-time listeners. Released in mid-November of last year, eager fans have been clamoring for a followup to it, as well as his debut single ‘Lie’. Finally, all can revel in the greatness that is the official music video for ‘I Got You’, ultimately setting an exciting precedent for the remainder of the musician’s new year and beyond.



The music video immediately kicks off with a woman who is approached unexpectedly by her lover. They begin to ride bikes with one another, wholly entranced by just the presence of their significant other. The video takes the viewer on a journey with the couple, featuring the two swimming in a lake and frolicking through the fields. Eventually, they end up atop a hill overlooking a glorious sunset, serving as a perfect backdrop for the stunning front-and-center vocal delivery courtesy of Gloria Kim.



Those who wish to hear new music from the esteemed Estonian creative force need not wait much longer, as a hefty slew of upcoming music is in the works slated for release throughout the rest of 2021.




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