Badflite - High Love


Badflite - High Love

Russian talent BADFLITE shows off his diverse range once again with fresh new track High Love, a cool, cutting-edge dance-pop track featuring Kyle Reynolds on vocals. Returning to STMPD RCRDS after the superb 3-track I EP last year presented a range of different flavours, he has cooked up another stunning production.

Kyle Reynolds hails from California, and is renowned for his previous collabs with the likes of Aspyer, Said The Sky, Qulinez and Asketa & Natan Chaim. His emotive lyrics on High Love tell a tale of young love and passion, all relayed through his powerful-yet-smooth tones.

Brooding bass hits from the start as atmospheric, spacey pads conjure up a melancholy sound. Sweet licks of melody tease as we build towards the chorus, and the pay-off is a chugging, funk-fuelled electro-pop groove underpinningReynolds’ crisp falsetto vocals. Fans of The Weeknd will love this beautiful track with its understated sophistication and melancholy feel.

Not much is known about the masked man who calls himself BADFLITE. All we know that if he keeps delivering the goods like this, he’s going to be a huge star.