Hull band BREEZE release their 90’s flavoured new single “She’s Got it”

Hull band BREEZE release their 90’s flavoured new single “She’s Got it”

Erupting from the talented North, Hull band BREEZE are setting the standard for upcoming artists within the Indie world. Formed back in October 2021, brothers Albert, Harry and Alfred Anderson teamed up with mate Declan Rodgers to release their debut single “Touch the Sky”, thrusting the unknown four piece into orbit and turning heads across the country with their own brand of explosive indie rock. Now a few singles in, the band release their latest track “She’s Got It” on 26th May 2023.

BREEZE creatively channel their influential heroes Oasis, The Pixies, Kasabian, Muse and (of course) The Beatles –    and effortlessly mould it into their own unique musical brew. 2022 saw the band take the limelight by storm in their first year, with the exhilarating “Eyes Wide Open” capturing the attention of celebs such as actor Robert Carlyle, who tweeted enthusiastically “90s style goodness……Top tune”. Praise indeed! Hot on the heels of “Eyes Wide Open” came “Adrenaline”, an aggressive and angular offering that aims straight for the jugular and harbours echoes of early Arctic Monkeys. Right Chord Music publication hailed it as a track with “killer riffs…. and a must for any Indie Rock lovers”.

Both singles achieved outstanding results, dazzling fans and setting the band up as well-established indie rockers. Not only that, they scooped up many new fans when they supported James Arthur at a sold out, 3500 capacity show at Brid Spa – and finished the year with two successful UK tours under their belt. Not bad going for a band formed during the ‘you-know-what’ years of pandemic lockdown anxiety…

Now, fully energised and loaded with some killer material, BREEZE are kicking off 2023 with their fourth single, the powerful and promising “She’s Got It”. Reminiscent of a 90s classic band ballad, this song is both nostalgic and refreshing.

If ‘She’s Got It’ is the band’s definition of 2023 then their future looks unstoppable.



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