Miajica - I Forgot About Love


Miajica - I Forgot About Love

Miajica follows up on his “Second Spring” EP on Origami Sound with two- massive Balearic anthems supported by remixes from Acid Pauli and Wareika.

There is a certain melancholy yet highly optimistic mood that Miajica is good at conjuring during his more elaborate and emotional tracks. The two originals on his ‘I Forgot About Love’ EP are probably the best examples in his discography of such a mood, since both the Middle Eastern themed ‘I Forgot About Love’ and the dubby ‘Au bord de l’eau’ are deep and emotive, groovy and immersive long-play tracks, devised for that ideal club crowd that likes to indulge in the process, catching every detail.

Acid Pauli and Wareika contribute even more brilliant detail work, retouching the originals in surprising and sophisticated ways. Acid Pauli chisels the melody, rhythm and structure and gives his ‘I Forgot About Acid’ remix a completely new flow, creating a tangible world of new sounds and superb musical moments. Wareika take their original – already an Alma Negra dub – out of its comfort zone and rework it into an anthem by adding more sustain, extra spaciousness, an honest, universally-appealing vocal hook and perfecting everything around the soothing melody with the help of their own instrumentation.

“I Forgot About Love” is the seventh 12″ release within our collective of labels. Wareika’s Vocal Dub of “Au bord de l’eau” will be available exclusively on the 12″ release, while the instrumental version replaces it on the digital version.’’

Miajica’s ‘I Forgot About Love’ is out on Origami Sound 17th August 2015.

1. I Forgot About Love
2. I Forgot About Love (Acid Pauli Remix)
3. Au Bord De L’eau (Alma Negra Dub)
4. Au Bord De L’eau (Wareika Vocal Dub)