Autarkic - I Love You Go Away


Autarkic - I Love You Go Away

Everybody needs a destructive love story to blow up in their face and and shake their solid ground. 

It's a must for every human to get to his core of understanding, the center of the pain, the middle of his earth. We hate to say it, but sometime that's the best thing that could happen to a person. Especially for A Talent like Nadav Spiegel. 

Drop the needle at the start of the record and take in 9 songs about rage and compassion. "I Love You, Go Away" is a temporary feeling of hate that develops into a permanent understanding, And as the story unfolds, so will your heart. It's over now you know, everything is alright, everything is alright.

LP Title: I Love You, Go Away
Artist: Autarkic
Label: Disco Halal
Release Date: OUT NOW
Formats: Vinyl, Digital
A1. New Heimat 
A2. Violence 
A3. How To Cheat 
A4. Gibberish Love Song 
B1. GoldHeart MountainTop Queen Directory 
B2. Let The Water Run 
B3. Wipe the Shame feat. Xen 
B4. Bongos & Tambourines 
B5. Warmth (How Mean is Mean)