ILIRA Releases New Single “Another Heart”

ILIRA Releases New Single “Another Heart”

World-renowned Swiss/Albanian artist ILIRA is back and better than ever with her new single “Another Heart”. While ILIRA is no stranger to success, her latest song pushes all boundaries and allows her to challenge herself to question the confinements of the typical “heartbreak song” outline. Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, the best approach is to take it with a pinch of salt, and this is exactly the motto that ILIRA has embodied in her latest single. Out now via Universal Music, “Another Heart” is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.



The track kicks off with pulsating synth-sounds and a clapping beat to ILIRA’s vocals describing a dire relationship scenario. With her voice that radiates strength and captivates with its voluminous, soulful sound, she sings the catchy chorus tagline. For ILIRA, “Another Heart” is set to mark another success story in her impressive biography.

“Do you know that feeling when you’re arguing with your partner and you legitimately can’t tell whether you’re about to explode with rage or burst into tears? With every fight we had, I got colder, more cynical and sad, until eventually I would just sarcastically say ‘Go ahead, rip it out, I‘ll just grow another heart.’” ILIRA


ABOUT ILIRA  – It is ILIRA’s diverse background that allows her to shine bright. ILIRA was born in Switzerland to Kosovo Albanian parents and moved to the UK , where she’s currently working on new music. Boasting collaborations with the likes of Alle FarbenTiëstoGalantisSigalaVIZE, and Cheat Codes, and over 400 million streams across all platforms, she has already hoisted her flag in the industry. With an unconditional passion for music and a distinctive energy for her project, nothing stands in the way of ILIRA’s perpetually upward trajectory straight to the top.



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