IllumiNaughty returns with a psytrance Utopia to London’s Troxy

IllumiNaughty returns with a psytrance Utopia to London’s Troxy

IllumiNaughty continues to drive the evolution of psytrance into a new era as it presents another elaborate and immersive experience at London’s Troxy on Saturday March 11th. This hypnotic showcase will be another creative masterclass as the venue is fully transformed with storytelling production, immersive themes and cinematic décor that tingles every spine. Psy-trance legends Astrix, Outsiders, Rising Dust, Neutrino, Multiverse and Montez all bring a scintillating soundtrack in collaboration with Shamanic Tales Records. T

IllumiNaughty events have truly refined the psytrance experience, enabling what was a niche outsider scene to become centre stage at major festivals around the world. With bold vision and ambition, IllumiNaughty transports guests into a new world at each event, whether that’s an electric dream, dystopian city, mystic jungle or ancient temple, all packed with performers doing everything from capoeira to aerial gymnastics to Japanese martial arts. With each edition, IllumiNaughty raises the bar with mind-blowing visuals, interactive installations, special effects and living characters in fully realised worlds of vibrant colour and cutting-edge production.

Next up at the Troxy in London, the team will bring a stunning Utopia concept to life where wildest future fantasies and the boldest of imaginations will come to life in 3D. Guests can expect a prismatic sky above a vivid landscape bathed in multicoloured hues with chromatic flora rising up from the panoramic terrain, promising a world so perfect that clubbers will never want to leave.

Providing the sounds to go with this unrivalled visual feast are world-class psytrance DJs such as Astrix. The Israeli is one of the leading trance pioneers and has been for a decade. His hypnotic sounds and emotionally overloaded sets have taken him to every major club and festival on the planet so expect a truly psychedelic rollercoaster. Fellow Israelis Outsiders also bring their kaleidoscopic colours and trance euphoria, while the ever-innovative Rising Dust offer their harmonic and life-affirming take on psytrance. Cape Town’s renowned Neutrino from the likes of Iboga Records and Furthur also lines up. Add in IllumiNaughty faves Multiverse aka Psychodrome and Psynegeirus with their twisted take on floor-racing psytrance, and the famously exhilarating Montez, all shades of psytrance are covered in style at this event.

IllumiNaughty began in 2006 in the UK but due to its unique and larger-than-life experiences, unreal prop builds and bespoke party designs it is now recognised on the world stage. As such, IllumiNaughty founders Lefteris and Alexis Angelidis, set up spin-off company Visual Architects in 2013 to create unique and immersive event and venue design services for other brands. Their clients now include renowned events like Kendal Calling, Boomtown, Cirque du Soul, Parklife and many more, all of them wanting a piece of the magic for themselves.

IllumiNaughty events are so escapist and the concepts so convincing that those who experience it are left questioning the divide between the real and the imagined. Do not miss out on this experience; second release tickets are now available priced at £36.32 (including booking fee) from the IllumiNaughty website.

Event details
IllumiNaughty presents: Utopia
Saturday, 11 March 2023
Troxy, 490 Commercial Road, London

Rising Dust

Tickets: second release – £36.32 (including booking fee)
Available from

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