Indie Pop Artist Chris Hart Releases Inspirational Track “RUN”

Indie Pop Artist Chris Hart Releases Inspirational Track “RUN”

Indie artist Chris Hart is back with his latest single, “RUN,” set for release on May 12th. This energetic take on the classic motivational anthem has all of the elements of a commercial pop song (a catchy hook, infectious synths, and smooth vocals) with an edge of indie-influenced melodies and rock-inspired drums. An instrumental break and guitar solo before the final chorus lends to the alternative feel of the song. Hart describes the story of the single as, “…seeing the life you want to live and the long and winding road it takes to get there.” 

Lines like, “I wanna be someone who matters, / Someone that could make you stay,” speak directly to the listener. ‘RUN’ is a confessional piece of songwriting that anyone can dance along to. 


Based in Atlanta, GA, Hart has been exploring his talents as a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, bass, and keys) and as a producer from a very young age. Originally inspired by the jangly guitars and vocal harmonies of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, he has masterfully created his own modern sound, now drawing upon influence from the likes of indie pop/rock groups such as COIN and Young the Giant. His career is unique in its DIY sensibilities, beginning with his self-taught musicianship and current role in the production of his own releases – Chris covers every aspect, from writing, to recording, to mixing and mastering. His songwriting approach aims to be as honest as possible, divulging personal struggles with depression and anxiety in an effort to make his audience feel less alone. 


In many ways, “RUN”’ is a perfect example of Hart’s artistic journey, Discussing the tribulations and loneliness of pursuing his dream, while also being entirely self-written and produced in order to achieve his goals on his own terms. All the while the song begs the question, when it gets tough, do you keep going against the grain, or do you run away?  Born from a melody he sang in the shower, the vocals were recorded in a soundbooth he built himself at home, with the guitars, bass, and keys recorded into his computer. The song was produced and finished by Chris, start-to-finish, in his spare bedroom. He shares, “At the end of the day the end product is something I can be really proud of because It’s a piece of art that came entirely from me.”


For Hart, actively choosing to fight when faced with the option of flight parallels his experience breaking into the music industry. However, he maintains that this message is applicable to any listener who needs a healthy dose of motivation. “Once you’re on the path,” he explains, “you have to continually ask yourself if you want to keep going and how hard you’re willing to work for it. Every time I play it, ‘RUN’ reminds me that even though the process is difficult, I’m still choosing to work on myself, and I haven’t given up on trying to make my dreams a reality.” 



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