Interview: Veluzz

Interview: Veluzz

Young Spanish DJ/Producer, Veluzz is quickly establishing his profile on the international scene. His natural talent and unique mixing style, which displays melodic grooves, infectious vocals to the sensual kick drum & synthesizers – have made him one to watch. Check out what happened below when we caught up with Veluzz on his latest release ‘Magical’ & discuss his interesting journey so far, as a rising artist:

Hey Veluzz! Thanks for joining us today! How are things right now, what have been the highlights of 2019 for you, so far?
Before anything else, thank you very much for having me! The best of my 2019 has been to meet Calvin Harris in person, my participation in the Super Bowl final and the show in my hometown, Las Rozas de Madrid. Being in front of the public, outside of the studio, its another world. Enthusiasm, ideas, and improvements to make arise. Even though I end up exhausted, I just want to go back and start all over again. Its wonderful.

The music industry is notoriously difficult to break into but in a relatively short time, you’ve successfully connected with a global audience & grown an impressive following. What do you feel makes your music stand out & connect so well?
Thank you but I have a lot left to do and, above all, to learn. Producing music for me is about creating emotions and sharing the joy of living. Its more than a feeling.

Congrats on your new single, ‘Magical’ – can you tell us more about the making of the track & whether your creative process has changed much since you began producing?
Magical, represents one step more in my creation process. New sounds and instruments. A musical experience with new collaborators in the mixing and mastering process that have contributed (in my opinion) a lot to the final result.

Your previous singles, such as ‘Believe’ & ‘Show You’ were released with club mixes, are there any planned remixes in the pipeline for ‘Magical’?
Currently, its not in my plans.

No doubt, your journey and career to date will be a source of inspiration for aspiring artists – is there any advice you can share/wish you’d been given when starting out?
My parents have always told me to enjoy what I do above all, to express my feelings, my mood. If you do so, success will come all along. The most important part is enjoying the road … and the rest – if it is meant to come, will come eventually.

Do you have any favourite pieces of kit in the studio that define your sound?
I have some pieces of kit in my studio that excite me but I still haven’t got a piece that defines me. I don’t yet have a fixed personal characteristic that identifies my sound.

Are you currently working on anything else or have any upcoming projects, in 2019 & beyond?
I have at least one musical project open at all times. I need to have something to work on in order to feel full and alive. You may already know that in 2015, my life was “wiped out” as I tell in my autobiographical music video Sleepaway. Since I woke up from the coma to life, the music of Kygo, (producer whom I admire a lot) and my own, have undoubtedly been my life companions. I actually decided to be a music producer after meeting Kygo personally and experiencing the magic of his performance at Usuhaïa – by the way, the best club in the world.

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