Jace Heyman returns with his latest single ‘Star Signs’ feat. Maez301

Jace Heyman returns with his latest single ‘Star Signs’ feat. Maez301

Jace Heyman is a UK Pop/ R&B artist whose star is very much on the rise. His new single ‘Star Sign’ is released on July 8th across all download and streaming platforms, and is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Love Under The Influence’, releasing July 15th.

Growing up in Hertfordshire, Jace always knew he was meant to be a performer and he also knew he had to work hard to be the best. His passion for music and dance began when he was just 10 years old- a young lad who maturely chose to study the artists that he admired, instead of playing football in the park with his friends. Consequently, as he hit secondary school, he began to shine; all his hard work at singing, performing and emulating his favourite artists such as – Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Mario, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Ozuna and J Balvin – made him stand out amongst his peers. He says: I grew up listening to old school R&B where my main influence comes from and I still listen to these artists today, as well as new R&B such as Ella Mai, Drake and The Weeknd.” 

He became known as ‘the dancer’ and started performing at local events; having completely caught the performing ‘bug’ he decided to take it even further by studying Performing Arts where he focused on perfecting his dance style and his singing technique. Later, at University studying Business and Spanish, he continued to perform at bars and University competitions and decided this was the only career path for him.

His big break came in in 2019 when he performed in London for several notable producers and artists in a singing contest. They immediately recognised his talent and quickly asked to work with him on several projects. On the 13th March 2020, he released his debut single ‘Drunk Text’ under Flyighteam Musiq Group, which quickly gained attention from industry professionals and fans alike. 

‘Star Sign’ was originally written by Jace and producer Devin Greenwood. It captures the love aspect of different Star Signs, which you can see in the cartoon lyric video with LA models Tammy and Brookell. As Jace explains ‘I grasped inspiration from the world of horoscopes and how it has become the talk of every conversation no matter where you go. I remember hearing “What is your Star Sign?” every day for a week and thought, “I need to write a song”. We wrote it over the phone at 1am, we both fell asleep but woke up and finished it, playing about with different melodies and tones. I did a lot of research about different signs, what they are and why they are like that. My favourite line is “Scorpio so careless” because that is my sign and I can definitely agree with it. I wrote it so that people who love horoscopes have a song to sing to each other in the car, in the club or at home.’The song features Strange Music Inc. signed artist Maez301, who heard the song and instantly laid a relaxing yet vibrant and fresh verse on the record. ‘Star Sign’ is the lead track to Jace’s highly anticipated album ‘Love Under the Influence’, which will follow ‘Star Sign’ on the 15th July.




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