Jacob Colon’s Delivers a Dynamic Tech House Single “Backroom”

Jacob Colon’s Delivers a Dynamic Tech House Single “Backroom”

Jacob Colon is back with a new Tech House release titled ‘Backroom’ via Miami 305 Records. The New York-based Producer/DJ is ready to showcase his powerful signature style with this new sonic exploration; ‘Backroom’ delivers his usual hard-hitting grooves and electrifying energy through an innovative blend of elements from the House, Tech House, Latin House genres. With a unique sonic identity, Jacob Colon is not afraid to push boundaries and experiment with his artistic influences, creating a sound that is distinctly its own. Jacob Colon’s productions raise the bar and cement his name high on the list of innovative Producers to follow as he continues to make waves across the Electronic Music scene.  

The talented Producer shows no signs of slowing down, dropping impressive productions back-to-back, like his recent releases ‘Money Moves’ and ‘With Me’, and delivering fresh episodes of his weekly radio show ‘Made to Move’; branching into new creative territory, Jacob Colon’s show has quickly gained traction, currently reaching over 40 radio stations around the world, the Producer showcases his talents as a DJ, presenting a mix of hot new tracks every episode. Now, Jacob Colon unveils another exciting track that promises to bring the party; a display of his signature sound, the production ties together Latin elements with the modern sonic characteristics of Electronic Music to deliver an energetic listening experience that is sure to captivate Tech House enthusiasts around the globe.  

‘Backroom’ starts with a groovy beat, an underlying bassline soon joins the party, providing a powerful layer that holds the track together. As the intensity rises, the funky rhythmic elements add sonic flavour to the mix, guiding listeners through the intricately layered soundscape. Vocal loops and staggering synth lines add to the colourful production, as the thumping beat, intense low end and anthemic sonic elements bring the party vibe at every drop. A refreshing and electrifying journey, this production invites listeners to join the dancefloor, with its groovy and driving bassline and lively beat. 

This latest track is an innovative yet hard-hitting addition to the Producer’s catalogue, an unmissable listen for all fans of the genre, ‘Backroom’ showcases Jacob Colon’s signature style and proves why the Producer’s name deserves attention; don’t forget to follow him across social media to be updated on his latest releases. ‘Backroom’ is out now via Miami 305 Records and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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