Jakk’d & $on-$hine combine on fresh and groovy house single ‘LUVEN ME’

Jakk’d & $on-$hine combine on fresh and groovy house single ‘LUVEN ME’

Electronic maestros Jakk’d and $on-$hine illuminate the music scene with their latest collaborative gem, ‘Luven Me.’ This track serves as a skillful bridge between the illustrious past and the dynamic present of house music, merging classic elements reminiscent of the genre’s golden era with the contemporary finesse of modern production. “Luven Me” captures a harmonious essence that feels both nostalgic and refreshingly new.

The magic of ‘Luven Me’ resides in its ability to weave together the distinctive styles of each producer. The result is a sonic landscape that emanates light, romance, and warmth, enhanced by an R&B-tinged vocal that effortlessly enhances the overall listening experience. The composition pulses with life, exuding an effortless and vibrant energy that envelops the audience.

Jakk’d, the dynamic EDM duo comprising Vjay Seminiano and Max Dean, has been a powerhouse in the electronic music scene for nearly a decade. $on-$hine, also known as Sonny Vilardo, brings to the table nine years of drumming expertise, seamlessly translating it into his production. Hailing from the vibrant SoCal area, he’s poised to introduce his unique brand of funk-infused house tracks to the world.

These two combine harmoniously in this groovy house offering with a sensual edge to it, making for an enthralling and compelling listening experience from start to finish. The result is an anthem that resonates deeply, appealing to both enthusiasts of old-school house and fans of contemporary electronic music alike.



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