John O’Callaghan, Tom Colontonio & Sinead McCarthy – Reality

John O’Callaghan, Tom Colontonio & Sinead McCarthy – Reality

John O’Callaghan and Tom Colontonio have known each other virtually since the dawn of trance-time! They’ve recorded together and remixed each other’s work, while Tom became a notable part of Subculture’s early fabric.

However, it’s been a decade or more since the release of the pair’s ‘Through The Light’ collaboration and John’s remix of Tom’s ‘Lifetime Connection’. It’s the latter’s title though that provides the biggest clue as to where the two stand today. That type of connection was indeed established, and a re-collaboration was a theme rarely far from their conversations.

Shuttling ideas between Dublin and New Jersey, in 2023 the right chord (or more accurately riff!) was finally struck.

The quick-eyed will spot guitars among the synthesisers on ‘Reality’s cover and it’s from that instrument that the release draws much of its magic. Together, John & Tom have built a track that mixes bassy string thrum, wistful guitar twang and echoic pianoforte to create a piece of music fair bursting with Balearic promise!

Completing its composition early in the year, the pair’s experienced ears told them ‘Reality’s production could still go higher. The hunt for the right singer was on and while Sinead McCarthy’s name might suggest she’s a fellow Emerald islander like John, it’s actually from Tom’s side of the Pond that she hails. The young singer-songwriter has gone deep inside to bring a wise-beyond-her-years meaning to ‘Reality’s lyrics and song. A tonic for anyone who’s cast a longing glance in the White Isle’s direction this summer, John, Tom & Sinead’s ‘Reality’ is available to stream or purchase here from today [ ]


01: John O’Callaghan, Tom Colontonio & Sinead McCarthy’s ‘Reality’ (Original Mix)
02: John O’Callaghan, Tom Colontonio & Sinead McCarthy’s ‘Reality’ (Extended Mix)




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