Jose Padilla – D​ay One


Jose Padilla – D​ay One

Legendary is a much overused word, but legend is a word that can easily be applied to DJ / producer Jose Padilla. Alongside DJ Alfredo of Amnesia, Jose Padilla gave birth to the other side of the Balearic coin ¬ the mellow sunset side ¬ and in turn influenced millions of people around the globe from Madonna to DJ Harvey, whether they saw him soundtrack the sunset or just bought his seminal Cafe Del Mar compilations.

Padilla likes to move forwards, and in the International Feel label he has found the perfect partner. He worked with label head and producer, Mark Barrott,to create new slow balearic, techno sounds and re-imagined his vision for new and old listeners alike. From this new beginning, the idea to work on his first album in 15 years was born, but do things differently. They took four of the finest producers of the moment ¬ Wolf Müller from Germany, Mark Barrott from Ibiza, Telephones from Norway and Tornado Wallace from Australia ¬ and flew them out to work with Padillain Ibiza on the project. A global line up for a global sound.

The first fruits of these collaborations is the new single ‘Day One’. Produced by Henning Telephones (who charted in Resident Advisor’s best tracks of 2014), it mixes a classic balearic sound with the ‘proper’ deep house of Ron Trent and Chez Damier.Layers and washes of melodies running over deep beats, something that fits the sound of ‘now’ perfectly.

Telephones on Jose Padilla “Getting the opportunity to work with a pioneers of the Balearic sound didn’t take much considering. Even with 30 years between us, we come from the same place in a spiritual-musical sense. Plus getting the chance to put my pale, Scandinavian feet on Ibiza¬sand was a nice bonus. It was like being able to check out a place you remember, but only through second-hand memories.”

So this is ‘Day One’. A new place for Jose Padilla working with the best of the new generation of producers and a new rebirth of the original Balearic sound ¬ aware of its roots but pushing forwards.