Joya Mooi reveals lush video for soulful new track ‘I Can Do Better’

Joya Mooi reveals lush video for soulful new track ‘I Can Do Better’

Amsterdam-born artist Joya Mooi has unveiled soulful new single ‘I Can Do Better’, her second release of 2019, via Nine And A Half. The follow-up to her March single ‘Rice In Foil’, the track also comes with a music video shot and directed by award-winning filmmaker Tom Fassaert.

Featuring a verse from fellow Dutch singer-songwriter Pink Oculus, ‘I Can Do Better’ deploys a minimalist beat that ensures Joya’s irresistible vocals come to the fore. The track’s carefree vibe allows it to tackle the complex themes of mental health and self-care in a way that gives hope for the future rather than dwelling too much on the past.

“I often think society looks upon mental issues or working on yourself as a temporary thing, while I’m on a daily basis occupied with keeping myself mentally in check,” Joya explains. “So I am very aware on boundaries for example, to keep my energy in check to temper depressive thoughts. And because I knew that Pink Oculus was also dealing with similar things, I sent her a draft of this song and it immediately triggered her to write her dope verse. So I am very proud of our collaboration.”

The official video for ‘I Can Do Better’ includes shots of Joya with her family, while also shifting between Amsterdam and South Africa so to illustrate her mixed background. The bright, lo-fi production further conveys the feeling of hope that the track communicates.

Characterised by her background as a conservatory-trained musician, Joya has been strongly influenced by jazz, hip-hop and R&B – as well as her South African roots and experiences as part of a new generation from the African diaspora.

Pairing skilled production with lyrical complexity and alluring vocals, ‘I Can Do Better’ sees Joya Mooi apply her classically-trained talents to the pop sphere.

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