Kai Wachi Drops Highly-Anticipated ‘SKINS’ EP Via Kannibalen

Kai Wachi Drops Highly-Anticipated ‘SKINS’ EP Via Kannibalen

Kai Wachi returns to the release radar with his massive fan-dubbed Cry Wachi project for 2022, the eagerly awaited 8-track ‘SKINS’ EP. Fans and listeners alike can now finally revel in the cinematic and heady bass offering. The monumental release follows Wachi’s previous lead singles such as last month’s ‘Eternity’ with Calivania and April’s ‘All Your Lies’ with Lexi Norton, as well as a collaboration with Black Tiger Sex Machine released at the beginning of the year. Out now via Kannibalen Records, Kai Wachi’s ‘SKINS’ EP is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.



Kicking off the sonic endeavor that is the ‘SKINS’ EP, the intro “It’s Me” starts the journey ahead with a serene soundscape paired with a faint introspective monologue. The beginning of the story to be told in the tracks to come, listeners are left with the thematic thought to be explored ahead – “Maybe I am the ghost.”


Maintaining the palpably raw tension crafted in the intro track, “I Believed” takes the reins, featuring vocals from Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Nina Sung. The high octane masterpiece effortlessly pulls at one’s heartstrings with emotionally-charged lyricism and a rapturous ambiance. Infused with commanding and infiltrating bass drops, the sonic offering brings forth equal parts emotion and intensity, characterizing the rest of the EP.


All Your Lies” with burgeoning vocalist Lexi Norton directly follows, unfolding a story about authenticity and getting your power back. Rife with intoxicating, distorted basslines and sweeping melodic sensibilities, the track serves a captivating flair with each passing second. Up next is “Voice”, unveiling a rapturous ambiance with a series of heady soundscapes. Rising talent SoundR lends her silvery vocal abilities to the propelling tune, complimenting the expertly crafted bass drops and propulsive production.


Continuing the immersive atmosphere of the previous, title track “Skins” with dynamic musician YMIR takes over. Soul-rendering and rising in tension, larger-than-life production permeates listeners’ eardrums, delivering a palpably raw amalgam of hefty bass drops. Directly following is “Eternity” featuring rising talent, Calivania’s, hypnotic vocals. Breaking slowly with harmonious elements and upbeat synths before flipping with heavy, glitch-like percussion, the mesmerizing offering overflows with a raw soul-stirring energy.


The EP’s penultimate track, “Better Off Alone”, features vocals from emotive singer-songwriter RUNN. Starting off with hypnotic instrumentation and honest lyrics, the tune picks up energy with a euphoric and melodic bass drop. A roller coaster of bass-drench sounds and supersonic percussive elements, the commanding cut is a prime example of the capabilities of both creative forces.


Ghost” rounds out the ‘SKINS’ EP with a flawlessly-executed vocal performance from TezaTalks. The imminent bass drops and emotionally-charged lyricism provide a much-needed enrapturing finishing touch. Boasting fluttering synth manipulation and a propulsive tone, the track marks a cathartic end to the pensive journey that is ‘SKINS’.


Cementing his position as bass music’s most promising talent, Kai Wachi’s latest offering serves as the start of the next phase of his musical career. Showcasing his unyielding craft and fine tuned production technique, the ‘SKINS’ EP sets the producer apart as one of electronic music’s most influential heavyweights.


ABOUT KAI WACHI — Praised for his sensational sound design and signature hip-hop elements, Kai Wachi has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in bass music since his debut. The Boise native has solidified himself as one of the most promising producers within the industry through his exhilarating productions and ability to fuse together different styles curating powerful hybrid creative works. His emotionally driven musical capabilities and unique production techniques have garnered the support from the likes of ExcisionNGHTMRE and many more. His stellar discography such as his debut album ‘DEMIGOD’, which includes collaborations with Famous DexSullivan KingGrabbitz and more, have made him stand above the rest, mesmerizing fellow artists, fans and curators both at Apple Music and Spotify. He’s also collaborated with the likes of Dylan MatthewPhaseOne and Apashe, as well as done official remixes for ExcisionTech N9neSvdden Death and Kannibalen label head trio Black Tiger Sex Machine. Wachi has been crowned as an MVP at festivals including Lost LandsEDC Las VegasParadiso and Wobbleland as well as become a mainstay on Kannibalen Records while touring alongside Black Tiger Sex Machine numerous times. With support from some of the greatest names in the industry and his groundbreaking music sensibilities, Kai Wachi continues to reach new heights advancing forth a new era of electronic music, leaving no ceiling to his future success.



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