Keep BLUUR in your vision: rising US producer releases ‘No Warning’

Keep BLUUR in your vision: rising US producer releases ‘No Warning’

With booming bass, wailing sirens, and what sounds like a ‘vehicle reversing’ FX running through proceedings, ‘No Warning’ from BLUUR is the kind of attention-grabbing cut the emerging US artist is increasingly becoming known for.


A heady concoction that slides between the lighter elements of dubstep and the heavier aspects of bass house, ‘No Warning’ lays hypnotic, rhythmic vocals over futuristic synth progressions, creating an infectious, borderline synth-wave soundscape.


“This is by far the strongest and most intense track I’ve ever released under my brand,” BLUUR said. “I want this track to be the staple of my project.”


Winner of the hotly contested 2022 Insomniac Discovery Project for his remix of Reaper’s ‘IMY’, BLUUR is very clearly an artist on a mission. ‘No Warning’ follows on from previous hits ‘Dance’ and ‘No Sleep’. Combined with his IMY reworking, gigs at Academy LA and the Hollywood Palladium supporting the likes of ARMNHMR and MitiS, and his own BLUURED OUT charity event for the End Overdose Organization, BLUUR has swiftly emerged as a rising contender.


With plans to capitalise on the success of BLUURED OUT by turning it into a festival, and with an annual Twitch livestream on the way to complement his Las Vegas show this summer, those on the hunt for the potential next big thing would do well to keep BLUUR clearly in their vision.


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