Kerem Genc releases new organic house ‘Sunxiety’ EP on Baikal Nomads

Kerem Genc releases new organic house ‘Sunxiety’ EP on Baikal Nomads

Baikal Nomads welcomes a new organic house/downtempo release by Turkish artist Kerem Genc, which also features remixes by Regndans and Fletcher Monsoon.

Kerem Genc is making his fourth appearance on Baikal Nomads, but this is his first solo EP following a previous remix and numerous tracks on VA releases. He has also dropped his enchanting style of chugging organic house on other record labels ranging from Kosa to Cosmic Awakenings.

Regndans is a Swedish artist from Malmö who returns to Baikal Nomads following his EP on the label in 2022. He drops a trippy remix in trademark style he has also featured on other imprints including the likes of Shango Records, MONADA and House Music With Love.

Fletcher Monsoon is back on Baikal Nomads with their second release for the record label and it’s an uplifting track with a smouldering groove and undertones of funk. They are a duo of Israeli artists from Tel-Aviv who have worked with other record labels including Cafe De Anatolia and Ohxala Records.

On My Own” is first of the two originals and its sun-drenched groove is a fusion of psychedelic guitar chords, gritty vocals and a chugging bassline. The flowing percussion gives the track a dance floor energy that will captivate any audience.

Regndans’ remix of On My Own strips out the guitar and gives the vocal room to breathe, which gives it a haunting atmosphere. He also chunks up the percussion and bassline to give it a thicker sound to ensure that it loses none of its energy.

Aurora” has a jazz-inspired groove with sleazy trumpets and a plodding bassline combined with intricate synths and key stabs. Its mesmerising groove is full of musicality with a steady momentum that will move mind, body and soul.

Fletcher Monsoon brings out the original’s live instrumentation to give his remix of On My Own a feel-good vibe. They also add some additional percussion and a trippy vocal sample along with some funky guitar chords to create a masterpiece of a rework.

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