Kisnou Releases New Single ‘The Last Memory of Me’

Kisnou Releases New Single ‘The Last Memory of Me’

Kisnou is a musician and composer born in Bari, Italy. His passion emerged from listening to his mother and artists like Koda, Owsey, Sorrow, and many others. After a rough childhood, and a tough relationship with a father who wanted a mirror image of himself for a son, it only got worse. Bullying, anger, sorrow, broken bones and broken hearts were the only thing he knew. Many forgettable events generated a burden of sadness, anxiety and fear, these feelings bubbling like a volcano ready to erupt. However, this eruption turned into a burning desire to run away for a better life – it turned into hope.


He decided to answer his passion for music as it knocked at the door. A discovery of music became oxygen, turning pain into a desire to escape, a desire to be free. He decided to make his own world of sounds at the age of 18. Taken from the word Kismet, ‘Kisnou’ means fate, the fate nightmares had decided for him but which he denied, choosing instead to craft a fate of his own.


Kisnou returns with a melancholic and emotional track ‘The Last Memory of Us’, out January 20, 2023. It’s the first episode of an audio-novel written, produced, and mixed by himself. This particular offering was co-written and voiced by Jessie Summer Hayes. The ambient and poetic storytelling was inspired by a real life story of two wandering souls that found each other in a parallel world.


The track is emotive as it manages to be both grandiose and soothing as a result of its excellent composition and direction. The decision to utilize segments of spoken word achieves in bestowing a haunting edge upon the storytelling. The production features piano, pads, field recordings, and Kisnou’s vocals.


“This song is the expression of melancholy: the protagonist wakes up after years in a coma, finds out he was left alone but someone took care of him for so long. The recordings (or, the poems) feature the voice of a girl, who is probably the reason why he is alive. However, she hasn’t been able to come back, so despite his terrible weakness, he sets on a journey to follow her messages and find her,” Kisnou comments on the track.


‘The Last Memory of Me’ is the first offering from his forthcoming storytelling extended-play, The Untold Story of the Rainmaker. It was inspired by a real episode in his life which was then translated into a fantasy story. In this first episode, the boy wakes up from a coma and finds a recording next to him (the first one out of five), left behind by the girl he used to love. Like Theseus and Ariadne, each message becomes the only way to follow her path and hopefully bring her back to reality: out of the Rift, the dreamer’s world.


His previous track ‘Shadows Call’ featured on the esteemed YouTube channel MrSuicideSheep and previously appeared on other notable channels, including SuicideSheeep, Fluidified, Arctic Empire, Ambient, MixHound, Ines K, and many more. In addition, he has earned support from the tastemaker publication Stereofox, and is a featured artist on prominent audio company PreSonus’ platform Sphere. On Spotify, his top 10 songs have accumulated over 17 million streams. Watch this space!


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