Kitty Amor and Somadina drop soul-stirring collaboration with ‘I Saw An Angel’

Kitty Amor and Somadina drop soul-stirring collaboration with ‘I Saw An Angel’

Rising star Somadina and internationally acclaimed Afro-House DJ, Kitty Amor have released their brand-new genre-bending track, ‘I Saw An Angel’.

‘I Saw An Angel’ is the first major release from Kitty Amor, showcasing her impeccable production skills. The song was originally penned by Somadina for her recent EP, “Heart of the Heavenly Undeniable” and has now been reworked with Kitty Amor into an Afro-House track for the dance-floor. Bringing together their disparate and unique sounds, with Somadina’s haunting vocals and Kitty’s inimitable ability to channel energy through music, the track is already making waves across the international club scene from Fabric to Hï. 

Both women share Nigerian heritage and are equally passionate about supporting and elevating the eclectic sounds of Africa on the global stage. Somadina and Kitty are two shining examples of African artists not conforming to the current expectation of Afrobeats, both working across genres and not allowing any specific sound to define them. 

Of the track, Kitty said: 

“The music I play is typically associated with Southern Africa, rather than Western Africa where I have my roots. When I first heard Somadina’s music it felt like a great breath of fresh air ..  then I found out she is Nigerian and that immediately reinforced my identity. I am who I am – Somadina is Somadina, we are both Nigerian and making music on our own terms. It’s empowering to not be concerned about other people’s expectations of what I should or shouldn’t sound like. Somadina’s voice heavily compliments what I do – mixing her vocals didn’t require any tuning or shaping, it’s as if my electronic experience and her sultry, eccentric voice were made for each-other. This record is really a homecoming for me and a chance for people to embrace all of me! Just because we are Nigerian, there should be no expectations – we are here to open your musical mind!”

Somadina said: 

“Working with Kitty who shares not only my creative vision and ideals but also my heritage, has been such a privilege. I grew up (in part) in the Netherlands surrounded by electronic music and I’ve wanted to experiment with different tempos and energies for a while now. Hearing Kitty’s beats and production interlaced with my song is so cool, we’ve made something together I’m really proud of.” 

In Somadina’s 22 years she has travelled the globe, raised between the Netherlands and Nigeria before attending high school and university in the UK. The genre blending nature of Somadina’s music is testament to her eclectic references and individual vision for her artistry. Championed by the likes of Vogue, The Guardian and Radio 1 as one to watch, Somadina’s global ambitions are matched only by her talent. 

Kitty Amor is a London-based DJ, producer, label boss, promoter, curator, radio host, writer and activist, with an uplifting and empowering musical message at the heart of her work. As she’s risen to become a respected leader within her scene, Kitty has been a tireless champion of African and African-influenced electronic music, a sound she wants to help transcend the continent’s borders and reach fresh ears across the world.

This summer will see Kitty play at Glastonbury Festival, Hï Ibiza and Siso Festival .Somadina has just performed at The Great Escape and will continue with a run of live shows this month in London including a show at The Royal Albert Hall. Later in the year Somadina will perform at Lollapalooza, as well having new music ready to release. 

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