Klangkarussell Return With ‘Afterglow’ with GIVVEN

Klangkarussell Return With ‘Afterglow’ with GIVVEN

Klangkarussell, stalwarts of the electronic music scene, celebrate a decade of success with their latest single, ‘Afterglow’, in collaboration with GIVVEN. Renowned for hits like ‘Sonnentanz (Sun Don’t Shine)’ and the album ‘Netzwerk’, they’ve garnered over 1.3 billion streams globally. Boasting three million monthly Spotify listeners, the duo’s influence endures.

‘Afterglow’ follows their 2020 triumph, ‘Ghostkeeper’, amassing 100 million streams and TV show placements. Featuring violinist Rusanda Panfili and pianist Johannes Winkler, known for their work with Hans Zimmer, the track delves into a dark, mystical synth realm, blending celestial melodies and rhythmic tension.

The song, as explained by Klangkarussell, explores the journey from grief to embracing memories, akin to the meteorological afterglow – appreciating the beauty while letting go. Moving beyond their chart-topping past, the duo now releases under their label, Bias Beach Records, presenting a string of successful singles. With over 200 million streams, Klangkarussell enters a new era, infusing purpose into their music. Their emotional mastery and iconic synth work continue to captivate audiences worldwide, ensuring their legacy endures on dance floors globally.



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