Klartraum – E1


Klartraum – E1

E1 is the first part of a quarterly EP series from German duo Klartraum, with the following three instalments all due to follow later this year. The E stands for Enneagram, a model of human personality that allows you to describe or to find out through which lens you see your reality. Author Stephen Wolinsky has written a book on the subject and it is something that permeates the work of Klartraum. 

Helmut Ebritsch and Nadja Lind are Klartraum, the duo that has explored many different shades of House & Techno on a number of labels but mainly their own Lucidflow, which has been active since 2009. Here they offer up 5 more conceptual tracks that see them start the new year in fine flow. 

‘Tiger Ride’ (Club Mix) kicks things off in chunky fashion, with wooden hits and rubbery drums backed by some spacious cosmic pads and plenty of off kilter percussive sounds. Texturally rich and intricately designed, it’s synthetic music with real soul. ‘Sweetness’ is a more melodically rich and spiritually uplifting track with scurrying percussive rhythms and colourful chords all dancing around each other to pleasing effect.  

Next up, ‘Mirage’ drops down into a deep and wallowing dub techno vibe with widescreen and rippling chords, stringy percussive lines and bittersweet melodic sounds all drifting about in vast open chambers. ‘Shy Guy’ is the most playful of the lot, and comes over like a sound design project aimed to make you smile as much as dance with its reggae tempo bass hops, before finally ‘Tiger Ride’ appears again in Cinematic Ride form… here it’s all blistered and bleepy percussive sounds, warped synth lines and curious bird sounds. 

This is a fine new project from Klartraum that will be well worth following throughout parts 2, 3 and 4 in the rest of 2014.


1. Tiger Ride (Club Mix)
2. Sweetness
3. Mirage
4. Shy Guy
5. Tiger Ride (Cinematic Ride)