Krinks releases infectious new mixtape “Al Gore Rhythm Mixtape”

Krinks releases infectious new mixtape “Al Gore Rhythm Mixtape”

Will Lowes is the mastermind behind Krinks. Somewhere situated between Chemical Brothers and Dom Jolly, you’ll find Krinks. His latest mixtape “Al Gore Rhythm Mixtape” is destined to take the listener on a journey. All the tracks were written by Krinks and they all showcase his unique and signature sound. Infectious drum beats, heartwarming synths and grooving bass lines are just some of the elements that blend together within the tracks. 

Discussing the release, Krinks explains:

“The Al Gore Rhythm mixtape contains 9 tracks, spanning the era of the birth of Krinks. It moves from mediative spoken word (All I Know About Meditation) via sleazy dance floor jam (FamJam) through to filmic closing number (It Stings Alone). Not to mention the singles that display a more melodic side to Krinks (It’s Burnin’ Off, Is The Sun Out Yet?). Inspired by surviving serious illness (his wife), welcoming to the world a new life (his daughter) and many, many years on the great dance floors of the world.”

Fresh from delivering his debut score for indie breakthrough film All My Friends Hate Me, a pitch black comedy about social paranoia, he’s taken his sense of wit to shine a light on the matter closest to his heart: dance music or what he describes as ‘techno performance art’. He makes dance music the old fashioned way, mixing desk, sampler with modular synthesiser going crazy in the corner. A lot can go wrong, which is where the fun is to be found. 




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