KTRNA – Tired

KTRNA – Tired

Are you tired of being tired, being tied up in a repetitive and boring life or actually being physically tired because constant worries just won’t let your mind rest?

Times are wild and enough sleep seems to become a rare privilege to some. The reasons differ but more and more people tend to struggle with getting themselves a fair amount of sleep each night, and thus recharging their bodies with enough energy. That’s one side of the medal, people being stressed out, overwhelmed and unable to get the most needed rest at night. The other side of the medal is a constant boredom. When social media suggest that there is always a bigger, better, extremer, we tend to get forced into believing that we are missing out every minute of our lives. We could be doing so much cooler stuff then sitting at home with Netflix and some pasta. KTRNA actually managed to treat both sides of “tired” in her new single. She captures the feeling of being emotionally overwhelmed by insomnia and using the sleepless night as metaphor for boredom at the same time. While dealing with a stressful topic, KTRNA manages to turn “Tired” into a catchy, warming and empowering song. Her wonderful soulful voice tends to feel like a warm terry cloth coat that keeps you warm and your hopes up that sleep might just wait around the next corner.




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