LA ROCHELLE BAND – Good Time Tonight


LA ROCHELLE BAND – Good Time Tonight

La Rochelle Band makes the sun rise…

The La Rochelle Band’s brand new EP “Good Time Tonight” delivers exquisite electro music with hit potential.

The trio led by Peter Cruseder has been mixing it with the electro elite since the release of “Work that Body”. With “Good Time Tonight” Peter has once again produced music of the highest caliber to shake your tail feather too. “I wanted to make songs that would get everyone moving, even the staunchest avoiders of the dance floor. It is important for me that people can just have a good time with my music”, said Cruseder when asked about the concept behind the new record. You only need to hear the record’s title track to know that he has the right songs to achieve this mission.

The single “Good Time Tonight” hits you where it feels good with its fat bass lines and sleek sampling as the music takes over your brain and turns your body into a disco dancing vessel of freedom.

The super smooth “Give It All” goes down a mellower path with its emotional, thoughtful vocals. The sudorific rhythm and velvety-soft sound collage of “All Over You” finally takes us to the place that gave the band their name. “The sun never goes down in La Rochelle, and that is exactly what I want to achieve with my music!”

With “Good Time Tonight” La Rochelle band has created party electro music for the advanced, getting four to the floor connaisseurs, glamour chicks and party aficionados alike onto the dance floors, and will also be taking pride of place in their future playlists as well.