Lánre Releases Energetic New Single ‘tell me.’

Lánre Releases Energetic New Single ‘tell me.’

In a vibrant start to 2024, Atlanta’s music sensation, Lánre, is electrifying airwaves with his latest single ‘tell me.’ Masterfully produced by renowned collaborator Mileage, this track is a potent blend of energetic dance/pop vibes that will get listeners jumping.

Drawing inspiration from 90’s dance hits like ‘Deeper Love’ and ‘Back to Life,’ ‘tell me.’ ingeniously weaves elements of Dance/Electronic, Pop, and RnB into an irresistible hit. As Lánre pays tribute to the black pioneers of dance music, he also carves out a space for his distinctive sound in today’s bustling music scene. “I grew up listening to songs by African-American acts like Soul II Soul and Robin S, who were musically ahead of their time. They had these big, soulful voices and were singing on dance tracks. I fell in love with dance music because of them, and my song ‘tell me.’ pays homage to all the black pioneers of dance music who I owe a lot to for opening doors for singers like me.” – Lánre

Lánre’s unapologetic boldness shines through in ‘tell me.’, making it one of his most audacious anthems yet. The song explores the complexities of modern love, adding an intriguing layer of depth to its danceable melody. Inspired by a gym crush, Lánre has transformed a universal human experience into a captivating musical narrative: “I find myself in that situation a lot when I know someone’s into me, but I need them to say those magic words first, ‘I like you’.” -Lánre

The singer-songwriter, known for his storytelling prowess in hits like ‘idk’ and ‘Somebody New,’ continues to engage his audience with ‘tell me.’ With over 20k+ monthly listeners on Spotify and multiple editorial playlist placements, Lánre’s new single is set to propel his career to even greater heights in 2024.

Lánre is supporting the release with live performances in cities and countries including Atlanta, LA, Nashville, and the Netherlands, this spring and summer.



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