LaRegina Releases Music Video for Single “In Charge”

LaRegina Releases Music Video for Single “In Charge”

Reggae and soul fusion artist LaRegina is back with her latest single, “In Charge,” out now. The track, an energetic exploration of the dangers of new technology, features her pop vocals and infectious, trap-tinged beats. As she layers lucious harmonies and smooth background vocals, drum machines and rhythm guitar stay steady, coaxing the audience to get up and move. “Just subscribe and I take the blame,/ I’m just a number in this game,” she laments. Comparisons can be made to the likes of Etana, or Gwen Stefani’s No Doubt days. 


Based in Germany, LaRegina began her journey into artistry at a very young age. Experience in choirs as a child, and influences from Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, and India Arie, set her up for success. She recorded backing vocals for German afro band Condemana and released a track as half of the duo NoBitSection from 2018 to 2020. It was in that duo that she experimented with songwriting, and a variety of genres including blues, dub, and indie pop. 


Her career transformed when she fell in love with the spiritual and melodic aspects of reggae, spending time at the label Vybez Studio Basel in Switzerland where she contributed backing vocals for other artists. After tediously commuting across borders during the COVID-19 pandemic, she recorded and released her debut album Plot Twist in 2021. She has since left the label, blazing her own trail with indie R&B (“Penny for Your Thoughts”) and classic reggae (“People Pleaser”) singles in 2023, collaborating with producer Shon Gbrl. It is important to her to explore lyrics in both English and German, as well. 


“In Charge” was written with LaRegina’s toplining skill, taking inspiration from, “self-experienced situations and feeling.” All of her vocals and melodies are self-produced along to the beat. While pondering our tech-obsessed world, the lyrics poured out, echoing her frustrations with a world that goes too fast and rarely satisfies expectations.


 “It seems like finding the right balance between the online and the offline world is one of the challenges of our time,” she shares. “It’s way more complex depending on the perspective, so the question remains is it a win, a loss or something in between?” Lines like, “Can you tell me who is in charge?/ Once the screen is turning dark,” force the listener to confront our harsh reality, even when set to a danceable beat. 


The accompanying music video sees LaRegina emphatically singing to the camera in front of an industrial location, the pink in her jacket juxtaposing the otherwise dreary world. It couldn’t be more symbolic – she stands out, asserting herself in any environment. She may be questioning the issues with unchecked technological advancements, but it seems she is the one “in charge” of her career. 



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