Late Night Therapy – ‘Through Your Eyes’

Late Night Therapy – ‘Through Your Eyes’

Late Night Therapy is an Australian producer who is making a unique blend of electronic music with progressive house elements, which can be likened to a mix between Golden Features, Running Touch and RUFUS DU SOL.

Throughout 2022, Harry Suttor (aka Late Night Therapy) gave us a collection of invigorating singles – Getting Older, Backseat Heartbeat, Spinning & When You’re Gone – which showcased his immaculate song-writing and production skills just perfectly.

He’s been busy working on a bunch of new music over the summer, which he’ll be sharing with us over the coming months, and he’s kicking it off this week with his latest progressive/atmospheric-house offering, ‘Through Your Eyes’.

“I wrote this song as an ode to the act of making music itself. The line heard in the intro “Take me there” is referring to the mental flow state I’m taken to whilst making music.

Music for me is an outlet more than anything else. In order to be myself, I need to get in the studio and create. It’s something that I just have to do, like a type of Therapy.” ~ Late Night Therapy

‘Through Your Eyes’ is available everywhere now, and Sydney/NSW fans can catch him performing live at the Magic Meadow Experiment in February which is a 3-day festival that is taking place in The Budawang Ranges (see ticket link below).




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Production, Mixing & Mastering by Harry Suttor (Late Night Therapy)
Artwork & Press Photos by Harry Suttor



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