Lawrence Hart & Mera Bhai join forces on ‘Jus U’

Lawrence Hart & Mera Bhai join forces on ‘Jus U’

Lawrence Hart and Mera Bhai come together for this lairy South London club cut with deep South Asian influence.

‘Jus U’ opens with a beat played by Mera Bhai on the Mridangam – a two-headed drum and one of the oldest Indian percussion instruments, dating back over 2000 years. The pair of producers shared on social media how they then manipulated this into a breakbeat, by first recording it to cassette tape. The track develops through deep driving bass, an iconic vocal refrain that gets twisted and dismantled in ever-varying ways, before a classic ‘sound of the 90s’ M1 organ lifts ‘Jus U’ into its final dancefloor form.

Lawrence Hart has made a name for himself breaking boundaries with his musicality and production, creating a symbiosis of club-stirring dance fuel with more contemplative listening pieces, often within the same track. His recent EPs have seen widespread praise from electronic tastemakers.

Mera Bhai, a founding member of psych band Flamingods, DJ and multi-instrumentalist has earned huge support from electronic’s biggest platforms for his solo work. Born in London, with roots in India, alongside time spent growing up in Italy, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Nigeria, Mera Bhai’s worldly influence seeps into his unique take on electronic production.

The track oozes with the nostalgic sounds that both Lawrence Hart and Mera Bhai grew up steeped in, with a hyper focus on forward thinking production.

“We’re regularly banging on to each other about how to take things to the next level in our music, focusing more on sonics and feeling” – Mera Bhai says

“…rather than just the ‘musicality’. So that we can make music that still feels quite cerebral but hits hard in a club. This felt like the perfect test bed.”– Lawrence Hart adds

Blurring the lines between genres is a core part of both producers’ musical practices, and they push that approach with this club cut.



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