Leon Jacques keeps us on the dance floor with ‘Parts’

Leon Jacques keeps us on the dance floor with ‘Parts’

An original member of House Gospel Choir, Leon Jacques helped shape their signature sound and performed at the biggest UK festivals (Glastonbury, Latitude, Southport). He is now focusing on his own solo career but some things never change: you can’t definitely not take away this soulful vocals from him and his new single Parts is another perfect recipe to bring you to the dance floor!

This time, the British singer-songwriter is switching things up to fully embrace his Caribbean heritage with a dancehall track produced by Sunset Drver. And those who are still curious as to why Leon Jacques is called the “choir in a box” will definitely understand why with these juicy layers of harmonies which also seem to be a big part of his next release Friends recently teased on his Instagram. “I had always wanted to create a song that felt authentic to my heritage but not forced, he says. I’m privileged to have spent many of my formative years in Jamaica and Barbados so my accent and dialect aren’t forced but at the same time, it’s clearly British which honours the choices of my grandparents to support the colony whilst solidifying a stable foundation for the future family.”

Leon Jacques will indeed continue to shine his light all throughout 2022, with a wave of monthly singles and we are more than ready for it.



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