Let’s talk about ‘Broken Love’

Let’s talk about ‘Broken Love’

Amsterdam-based The Him are back with yet another stunning piece of production. Their new single titled ‘Broken Love’, featuring Parson James, is the duo’s first solo release on Spinnin’ Records since recently signing an exclusive deal with the label.

With ‘Broken Love’ the DJ and producer duo created an alluring and infectious song. It draws you in and holds your attention until the end. The heartfelt lyrics, captivating bass, touching piano cords, and a melodic drop, makes it an uplifting but also heavy hearted track. With American singer-songwriter Parson James’ soulful vocals, ‘Broken Love’ gets the perfect story teller.

"This song has been in the making for quite a while and we're very excited for it to come out! We're massive fan's of Parson, so we are so thrilled to have him sing on it! ‘Broken Love’ is something most people will deal with at some point in their life. Its about that relationship that might not be perfect on the surface, but you're still perfect for each other. We guess sometimes it's hard to live with or without a certain someone." – The Him

"I’ve always been a big fan of The Him. When this record came to me I was completely in love with it. Lyrically it was an experience I was dealing with at the moment and sonically it had blend of that grit I use for my solo records and a simplistic dance approach, hope you guys enjoy, Broken Love." – Parson James

The Him
Jeroen Kerstens and Steven berghuijs have been paving their way towards international success since the start of The Him back in 2015. Whether it be crafting infectious melodies with their transcendent originals and innovative remixes or their electrifying crowds with their energetic sets, the duo are the international dance force to be reckoned with. Their breakout collaboration ‘Midnight Hearts’ with Sam Feldt reached over 17 million streams to date. Today the day they can include a numerous of official remixes for the likes of A-list talents such as The Chainsmokers, Miike Snow and Miley Cyrus and a string of succesfull originals like ‘Feels Like Home’, ‘Don’t Leave Without Me’, ‘I Wonder’ and ‘Always’ to their name.

Their hard work and talent has not been unnoticed, as Disruptor Management soon had them on their radar. Enes Kolenovic from Disruptor Management explains: "The Him’s producing talent is only matched by their kindness. I had the pleasure of linking with Steven and J back in 2015 when I asked them to remix The Chainsmokers’ ‘Roses’. Not only were they so easy to work with, but their turn around time was impeccable. I was truly impressed – till this day it remains one of my favorite remixes of all time. Later that year we met in person at ADE for drinks and knew right away we had to manage them. I could not be more excited for the new music we have in store. 2018 will be their year!"

The Him’s touring history has played an integral role in their rise and is equally impressive as their music achievements; from supporting Galantis accross the U.S. to playing alongside some of the world’s greatest DJs including Tiësto, Martin Garrix, Kygo, The Chainsmokers, and more. Cementing their position in the dance scene, and continuing to grow in their sound, The Him will certainly continue to push the boundaries of melody and dance music forward both in their music and electric live presence.

Parson James
South  Carolina-born,  Brooklyn-based  singer and  songwriter  Parson James  likes  tocall  his  music "conflicted  pop,"and one  listen  to singles  like  ‘Sinner Like  You’, ‘Temple’ and ‘Stole The Show’ (his  2015  collaboration with  Norwegian  DJ/producer Kygo,  which he penned) and  the description  feels entirely  apt.  His infectious  and uplifting  songs marry James’ soulful  voice  with shimmering  pop production. His lyrics often address  the  duality of  human  nature and he  has frequently  found  himself drawn  to  trying to  make  sense of  his  past and how it  has shaped  his identity.  

The Him – ‘Broken Love’ (feat. Parson James)
Out now on Spinnin’ Records