Liquid Ltd drops ‘I Walked’

Liquid Ltd drops ‘I Walked’

Fresh off the success of his song ‘Hard Labor’, which has been heard on radio all over Europe and has just been featured in Bafta winning editor screenwriter Will Gilbey’s new action-thriller film Jericho Ridge, new Liquid Ltd single ‘I Walked’ is a soulful hip-hop meets Americana track that reflects on the Montreal artist’s life journey, from struggles to enlightenment in consciousness.

Liquid Ltd, aka Stephen “Liquid” Hawley has soared to the Top of the Pops with Bran Van 3000’s smash hit ‘Drinking In LA’ and with ‘I Walked’ has teamed again with Brooklyn’s Billboard number one charting, Emmy nominated producer Rench to bring a powerful portrait of desire facing the reality of inner-city life and concrete meeting the dirt road.

“If you want the highs! Better know the lows”, Liquid proclaims with a sounded foundation, as ‘I Walked’ carries the weight of his highs and lows in life so far. The contemplative song is sure to have you deep in thought and get under your skin with its gritty rap bars and restrained rustic troubadour lilt.

“It’s a song of the miles travelled, escaping conflict and pain and being forced at a young age to make life changing decisions”, says Liquid. “It is a story of consciousness in consequences in the battle of bad and good”, he adds.

The video for ‘I Walked’ was shot by Liquid and Francis DiSalvio (F6 image) in the infamous Fattal artist compound in St. Henri and Liquid’s own neighbourhood NDG (Notre Dame De Grace) or Our Lady of Peace in the West End of Montreal. “It’s a marginalized community layered with many cultures from Irish to Jamaican and where I have lived since hitch hiking to Montreal at 16 years old”, reveals Liquid. “I wanted to capture the feeling I felt when I was 16 years old. The highs and lows, bad and good and the struggle to find a way in the maze”, he explains.

So, take the steps and walk with Liquid Ltd in ‘I Walked’ and enjoy a richness of emotion that will bring a fire to your spirit and hope to despair and meet you there!



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