longstoryshort Returns to NIGHTMODE With Fissuring Melodic House Single “Part of Me”

longstoryshort Returns to NIGHTMODE With Fissuring Melodic House Single “Part of Me”

New York City native longstoryshort is making his triumphant return to NIGHTMODE with the riveting melodic house single “Part Of Me.” The track marks his fifth release with the label, following a string of previous standout singles stretching back to 2020, including “Hold On,” “TEC-9,” “Power To The People,” and “Lost Summer.” 

“Part Of Me” finds the dynamic sensation longstoryshort in peak form, offering an immersive and impassioned ballad that never sacrifices the groove. Led by the melancholic topline, the lyrics explore a winding path of emotional detachment. Poignant keys amplify the emotional resonance while carefully placed samples emulate the torrential force of storm clouds rolling in. The slow-burning introduction envelopes into the dance-friendly drops. The beautiful, haunting vocals float over staccato synth leads, tumbling basslines, driving drums, and brooding atmospherics. Subtle distortion fights throughout, effectively capturing the internal struggles. While the vocals act as a focal point, the mesmerizing production is interwoven masterfully to amplify every word and feeling. It’s the soundtrack to giving it your all until there’s nothing left. From burnout to breakups “Part Of Me” is an ever-relatable cut that will guide the world through the darkness. 

Making a staunch statement with his stunning single “Part Of Me,” longstoryshort primes his fans for his forthcoming body of work slated for release on NIGHTMODE, with a run of dates yet to be revealed. His debut headline show at Larimer Lounge in Denver will kick off the proceedings with a bang on May 11th. 

“I want to make music for the club, but I also want to make music for the late night drive home from the club when you’re by yourself and the emotions of life start to creep back in.”—longstoryshort



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