Mike Rogers - Loose Ideas EP


Mike Rogers - Loose Ideas EP

Following the release of singles 'What Should I Do', 'Loose Ideas' & 'Pretty Ones' – Mike Rogers (Mike Mago & Rogerseventytwo) can now reveal their debut EP in full. 'Loose Ideas' EP is out now via BMKLTSCH RCRDS.

The EP is polished off with instrumental track 'Get To Me' which focuses solely on the duo's production capabilities.

Meet Mike Rogers. An outcome of two minds from different worlds, overlapping in the territory of songwriting and producing. MikeMago and Rogerseventytwo have worked intensively on this new project and are proud to share it now.

Teaming up with personal favorite songwriters and singers, Mike Rogers is in a place where the result of the creative tension between the two forces is never a concession, but a new adventurous combination of the unknown for both.