Hex Wolves - Typical People 1


Hex Wolves - Typical People 1

Nox Recordings  presents its third release Typical  People 1 starring Hex Wolves featuring Ashes and Berlin musician OCD .

From  the city  of broken hearts  and shattered dreams comes the Los Angeles based artists Hex  Wolves bringing  a powerful blend  of electro Industrial-Techno.

The opening track ‘Faux’; heavy in textures and dark atmosphere; takes flight with pounding drums and growling synth lines coupled with a cacophony of the conventional song structures. Hex Wolves second track ‘Trite’, waste no time in continuing the stark industrial influenced theme of the Typical People EP.  The song-orients itself with pulsating sequences and a throbbing gritty melody.

OCD lends a hand with her rendition of ‘Faux’. A young gun who aims to destroy everything we think techno is; recreating it in her image and leaving us praying for more of her aggressive rhythms. Fueled by the albums musical protagonist OCD’s remix emerges from its roots; pounding four-to-the-floor drums and eerie ætheric dissonance creating a big room bacchanal rhythm.

The closing track is backed up by Ashes The Hierophant of NOX and who’s debut NOX EP Angles Of Dissolution held support from Charlotte De Witte, Andre Crom, Pascal Feos, Alexi Delano and more. Ashes dives ever deeper into that musical abyss; developing juxtaposed elements of heavier and harder forms of techno. Like a knife in the heart Ashes ‘Trite’ remix takes off with a penetrating kick that hangs in suspense followed by a thunderous rolling rhythm and razor sharp backbeat while hooking itself onto the originals melodic grit.

Prepare yourself, as dance  floors will be subjected to an everlasting  smash.

Track Listing

01.  Faux
02.  Faux (OCD  Remix)
03.  Trite
04.  Trite  (Ashes Remix)