Los Angeles based R&B vocalist and songwriter Marlee Quirarte glistens in ‘Know Me’

Los Angeles based R&B vocalist and songwriter Marlee Quirarte glistens in ‘Know Me’

Receiving support from BBC Radio 1Xtra and Voyage LA Magazine, Marlee will certainly be the talk of the town if the soulful new offering is anything to go by. Prominently based around a chilled, ethereal soundscape, ‘Know Me’ builds into an energetic pop ballad with addictive vocals throughout. 


Speaking about the new single, Marlee shares, “The concept for this track is very personal. & one many can relate to. The breakdown of the song is that when someone you love and care about deeply for questions who you are at your core, it leaves you feeling rejected, confused, hurt and essentially feeling alienated. Throughout the course of the track you begin to feel and hear the transition of personal acceptance with oneself and the understanding that not everybody understands or cares to understand you- not everyone values who you are and that, ultimately it really doesn’t matter because you do.”

Sentimental and walking upon familiar ground that we’ve all encountered in our life at some point, “Know Me” will speak volumes to people on a self-discovery journey. Adding to how the track was created, Marlee shares, “I wrote the track, I came about the melody in my head & the lyrics and took it to my band. During a rehearsal my band literally just started playing with me and by the end of rehearsal we had developed a song. My guitarist (Lukas Romero) produced a rough mix and that is when I was introduced to John Lucas who then did a final mix and master.

A strong advocate in animal rights, veganism and protecting our planet, Marlee shares, “I believe the consumption of animal products is contributing to a less desirable experience on earth, and abusing/taking innocent lives for my own entertainment or pleasure, is a simple absolute NEVER for me.”



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