Loudan drops irresistibly upbeat dance track ‘Falling’ (feat. Fare)

Loudan drops irresistibly upbeat dance track ‘Falling’ (feat. Fare)

Loudan brings a rich tapestry of soulful sounds to his musical creations with the release of his irresistibly upbeat, electro-dance number “Falling” feat. Fare.

Working together internationally the collaboration between Fare and Loudan required adaptability to record the track and finish off their labor of love during an unstable time. Combining instruments such as analog synthesizers, live instruments and influences from various genres and eras, “Falling” serves as a reminder to not lose yourself in the eyes and minds of others, and how easy it is to lose your individuality and self-love, luring listeners in very gradually with each verse.

“Falling depicts my state of mind during the early stages of when I started working on this EP.  The overwhelming feeling of needing to please everyone around me, whilst constantly seeking attention and validation from outside influences. It reflects the destruction of my authenticity and flirtation with a version forged by past relationships, which made me feel as if I was constantly falling into a void.” Loudan

“Falling was written during a time when nothing was certain. It’s definitely an internalization of all of my feelings and experiences, but also a reflection of how I dealt with the personal problems in my life at the time too.” Ryan from Fare             

With Fare, Ryan Lafferty and Charlie Maynard met in college where they formed bands in the indie rock world, with Charlie on drums and Ryan on guitar and vocals. Now their sound has continued to evolve, with a fresh take on their sound and production to create a unique, inviting electronic pop-soul crossover sound, with Falling being the first of many releases in 2021. 

We expect 2021 will be a big year for this rising star.





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