Love The Underground Records Presents Mikaela & Friends


Love The Underground Records Presents Mikaela & Friends

Influential house and techno label Love The Underground Records is ready to announce Mikaela & Friends, an exciting summer programme in Ibiza this season, at one of the island’s best kept venues; Tox at Destino.

With the series running for 16 consecutive weeks between Saturday 13th June and Saturday 26th September, each and every party has been incisively curated, and will feature label founder Milaela alongside key residents as well as distinguished guests from the world’s most established labels including Desolat and Drumcode, Cadenza and SCI+TEC, Intec and more.

With an intimate capacity of just 350, Tox is renowned by those who know, for its killer sound and maintains one of the island’s most unique underground environments, all of which guarantees it to become a much loved ground zero for this sizzling summer session.

As for the curators, Love The Underground Records was founded in 2014 by DJ come Producer Mikaela, and embodies an innate affection and passion, for not only the music, but also the environment and memoirs which are cultivated through the music.

Playing each party is taste making label founder Mikaela, who hails from Russia and is slowly but surely asserting herself and her label, not only in Ibiza, but across Europe and the World.

An aspirational producer, Mikalea will be kick-starting her season on the island with a Love The Underground Records warm up party at Sankeys on June 3rd with Yaya, Stacey Pullen, Lilith and Artslaves. The label will also be hosting a showcase during Barcelona’s OFF Week, at the impressive Under Club on June 21st, where they welcome Nicole Moudaber, Tania Vulcano, Lilith, Mikaela and Artslaves to the helm.

And then onto the full season…Already confirmed for this sure to be much talked about and eclectic series, are the likes of carefully selected guests, including Ada Kaleh LIVE, Bec, Christian Baez, Cesar Merveille, Francisco Allendes, German Brigante, Jay Lumm, Jon Rundell, Joshua Puerta, Jekaterina, Kike Medina, Lilith, Mikaela, Pelle, Popof, Ramon Tapia, RJay Murphy, Reelow, Sam Paganini, Sasha Carassi, Shaded LIVE, Stefano Noferini, Valentino Kanzyani, Wade and many more to be announced.

So with all that considered, it’s fair to say that both Love The Underground Records and Mikaela not only represent an appreciation for the best of underground music, but they also aspire to cultivating a utopian environment through which the masses can express themselves to the underground sound.

LOVE       THE       UNDERGROUND       RECORDS       PRESENTS…MIKAELA       &       FRIENDS      
EVERY       SATURDAY       AT       TOX,       DESTINO       11PM       –       7AM      
Opening       Party       -­‐       13th       June           20th       June           27th       June      
Very       Special       Guest       TBA           Popof           Ramon       Tapia      
Shaded       LIVE           Special       Guest       TBA           Cesar       Merveille      
Mikaela           Mikaela           Mikaela      
BEC                      Samu       Rodriguez      
4th       July           11th       July           18th       July           25th       July      
Marco       Bailey           Sasha       Carassi           Jon       Rundell           Stefano       Noferini      
Special       Guest       TBA           Wade           Gel       Abril           Francisco       Allendes      
Mikaela           German       Brigante           Mikaela           Mikaela      
Ellie       Pettersson           Mikaela           Lexlay           Pelle      
1st       August           8th       August           15th       August           22nd       August           29th       August      
Special       Guest       TBA           Valentino       Kanzyani           Special       Guest       TBA           Butch           Basti       Grub      
Special       Guest       TBA           Special       Guest       TBA           Special       Guest       TBA           Special       Guest       TBA           Special       Guest       TBA      
Mikaela                  Mikaela                  Mikaela           Mikaela           Mikaela             
Lilith           Ada       Kaleh       LIVE           BEC           RJay       Murphy           Reelow      
                      Joshua       Puerta                            
5th       September           12th       September           19th       September           CLOSING       PARTY      
26th       September      
Special       Guest       TBA           Sam       Paganini           Special       Guest       TBA           Very       Special       Guest       TBA      
Special       Guest       TBA           Miguel       Bastida           Special       Guest       TBA           Very       Special       Guest       TBA      
Mikaela           Mikaela           Mikaela           Francisco       Allendes      
Christian       Baez           Reelow           Jekaterina           Mikaela      
           Kike       Medina                      Special       Guest       TBA