Low Order releases “Riot Of Sights”

Low Order releases “Riot Of Sights”

Tel Aviv techno producer Low Order returns once more with his disciplined formula of brutally functional industrial techno.

Among the highlights are “It’s All True” with its harrowing guitar feedback and conga accents swirling over the mix, the beatless, murky drone passage “Selfless“, and what’s probably his most polished work to date.

Cold Skin“, which dwells somewhere between the stomping live sets of Perc and Richard H. Kirk’s strange metallic resonances and warped vocal fragments circa Time High Fiction.

It is also precisely this lineage to bleak, mutated forms of post-punk that eventually lifts “Riot Of Sights” past all the tendencies of sour, topless machismo styles of some of his contemporary peers in his field.

Recommended for everyone who is into uncompromising dance music devoid of emotional signifiers and willing to catch a brief glimpse into the chaotic dimensions of a cold urban environment.



Riot Of Sights” is out on Vinyl and Digital format, buy here.



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