Magnetic electronic producer Kooma releases Freefall Mixtape

Magnetic electronic producer Kooma releases Freefall Mixtape

Magnetic electronic producer Kooma released his latest dynamic mixtape, Freefall, on the 16th of December via Floating, Drifting Records. On the project, listeners will find the single SSNS (feat. DNTST)’. Kooma has previously seen notable radio coverage, having been interviewed on YleX, one of Finland’s major national public broadcasting companies, as well as other Finnish stations, including Radio Helsinki, Radio Keskisuomalainen. Furthermore, his music has aired on the Indonesian broadcaster RRI Pro 3 live and the USA station TheGoosh Radio (R&B).


Kooma has also been featured on numerous YouTube channels, appearing on Fluidified, numerous times, as well as Ambient, BLUME, and MOR Network. His single ‘Sculpture (feat. VEELA)’ charted on Spotify’s Viral Charts, reaching #23 in Finland and #31 in Canada. In addition, his music has earned placement on Spotify’s editorial playlists Now Loading., indie pop & chill, Montréal Chill, Chill Gaming Beats, and New Music Friday across 10 countries, helping him to reach nearly 12 million streams across platforms.


Originating from Helsinki, Finland, based in Fuengirola, Spain, Kooma is the stage name of Petri Hautala, a 29-year-old producer and songwriter. Over the past 6 years, he has built a sound design-oriented signature sound that features elements of lo-fi, echoing percussions, and atmospheric guitars. His list of collaborators includes VEELA, a well-known Monstercat vocalist in the Drum & Bass scene, and Nomyn, a successful French chillout producer. Having discovered a love of music in his father’s CD collection, Kooma draws his influence from the likes of Linkin Park, EDEN, JOY. and Flume, while his sound is reminiscent of Øfdream, CHVRN, eevee, and Jinsang.


Emotive and intricate, Kooma’s Freefall mixtape encapsulates the producer’s musical identity in 8 clean tracks. Wide bass drones wrap the project in spatial warmth, and subtle vinyl crackles add that vintage feel. A blend of organic and synthetic tones, the compositions boast arpeggiated synth runs, glitched-out drum rhythms, and classically lo-fi guitars. Like being caught in a memory, Kooma’s bubble of versatility is inescapable, but then again, who would want to leave?


Discussing the mixtape, KOOMA says: Freefall is the third installation to my mixtape series, following the ‘Stages of Hypothermia’ and ‘Home’ releases. The beats vary from chill and deep sounds to very raw, aggressive vibes. ‘Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape)’ by Flume and ‘Instrumentals’ by Clams Casino have been my key inspirations for this project.”



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