Major Look – Kid$ OF 2moro


Major Look – Kid$ OF 2moro

2014 kicks off in style for Stapleton, aka Major Look, dropping his new single – Kid$ of 2moro. The DnB MC, turned song-writer / front man, returns to his story-telling roots for a tale about the new generation coming through strong.

To support the release, two of the freshest sounding remixers were enrolled and duly came up trumps. Need For Mirrors techy rendition will appeal to the dnb bassment ravers, whilst P.E.S.T half time version takes the original into a new territory.

Major Look performs at Spectrum @ Fire, Vauxhall London on Friday February 28th.

Major Look
1. Kid$ OF 2moro 2. Kid$ OF 2moro (Need For Mirrors Remix) 3. Kid$ OF 2moro (P.E.S.T. Remix)

Release date: 2nd March 2014


Live show