Me2 teams up with KraziNoyze on new single ‘420’

Me2 teams up with KraziNoyze on new single ‘420’

Indie-pop girl band Me2’s latest offering ’420,’ featuring rapper KraziNoyze shines a light on pushing the boundaries in Vietnam’s current youth culture released by SYS Sister Sounds Label.

Produced by Huy Ngo, ‘420’ has an underlying message of embracing and honouring themselves by being courageous and fearless. The track not only heralds a touching feeling of nostalgia, but also serves as a hard-hitting reminder to Vietnam’s youth, that they shouldn’t be confined by their own limitations.

The playful single oozes with lush vocals and hard-hitting rhymes, coupled with old school hip hop jazzy lo-fi undertones.

‘420’ intertwines the musical and personal journeys of the band and KraziNoyze, showcasing that there is no stopping the new wave of Vietnamese artists’ pushing the boundaries whilst also celebrating their culture.

On the single, lead singer Tu said, “What we want people to take away from this single is that it’s ok to make mistakes, what matters is the courage to try, feel the fear and live your truth,”

Me2 are leading the way of millennial woman in Vietnam in a stirringly raw, unadulterated and authentic way.

Hanoi-based all empowering female indie-pop Vietnamese band Me2 add their own twist, style and flavour on the current landscape of pop music. The band consists of vocalist/songwriter Twinkly Tus who supplies incredible vocals and spellbinding sounds. Whilst keyboardist Miuw, bassist LING and drummer Pen Nichov create an effortless dynamic and vibrant pastiche of sounds infused with the heart and soul. 

Together they are on a journey of self-discovery by experimenting and flawlessly flaunting a variety of genres to form their musical identity. With soulful, romantic yet empowering songs and story telling lyrics, the band strive to connect people and advocate freedom of self-expression, personal identity and acceptance of eccentricity. Further inspiring their listeners to find strength and empowerment in vulnerability. Me2 will undoubtedly shape the future of pop.


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