MID CITY drop the video for their irresistible break up anthem “Forget It”

MID CITY drop the video for their irresistible break up anthem “Forget It”

MID CITY’s riffs are immediate, their choruses anthemic. Crashing onto the Australian and German music scenes in late 2018, the Melbourne based four-piece are back with their blistering breakup anthem “Forget It”.

Inspired by a romantic rupture that ended on very bad terms, the quartet are rapidly building a name for themselves – crafting candid, heart-felt narratives with their hearts on their sleeves. Recorded with Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Alex Lahey, Ali Barter), “Forget It” is a devilish musical experimentation – soaked with feverish guitar rhythms, earth-shattering soundscapes and a chorus we dare you to forget.

Lead singer Joel Griffith explains the song is inspired by a case of gaslighting that continued long after the relationship in question was over. “The scary thing was, I ended up gaslighting myself. I’d be telling myself stories that convinced me I can’t trust myself, I can’t be angry, I can’t forget her. That she was right. I kept stoking the desire in myself against my own best interests and it was knotting me up tighter and tighter. This song is as much me shaking myself by the shoulders as it is, hopefully, a story to help others. It’s ok to trust yourself. You do know what’s best for you.”

Forming in Melbourne, the group headed off on a huge 18 date international tour in 2019 and played packed out shows at BIGSOUND, Reeperbahn Festival and NYE On The Hill.

2020 is set to be a huge year for the quartet.



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